System requirements:

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP or above, processor: 800+ MHz, at least 10 MB on your hard disk

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Firefox Add-on
Chrome extension

Release Notes

2.10.0 "Apate"

  • Prepare for switch to https for all portal functions
  • Assistant show disconnected icon if client not running
  • Disable microsite because embedded IE considered unsafe for user HTML

2.9.6 "Melampous"

  • Fix baseline for all browsers

2.9.5 "Phoenix"

  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Freeze room switch in assistant

2.9.4 "Phoebe"

  • Compatible with Chrome version 29
  • Open weblin helper Chrome extension in chrome Web store, if Chrome installed
  • Launch Chrome on Win64

2.9.3 "Hyperion"

  • Fix Chrome https URLs
  • Configure https like http URLs: enter by default
  • Fix free floating avatar in Firefox
  • Include weblin helper 2.3
  • Prepare for more points than blue diamond

2.9.2 "Themis"

  • Browser compatibility for Firefox 6, Chrome 13

2.9.1 "Arktos"

  • New speech bubble feature: "Show old speech bubbles"
  • Improved window handling

2.9.0 "Ares"

  • Weblin SiteFX - Effects for weblins
  • Weblin SiteFX - New shop for effects
  • Performance improvements for huge buddylists

2.8.7 "Asklepios"

  • Improvements in preparations for weblin SiteFX
  • Improved window management in task manager
  • Improved log output
  • Internal improvements

2.8.6 "Iris"

  • New weblin Helper for Firefox 3.1
  • Improved message window system
  • Improved behaviour of new speech bubble
  • Improved weblin Sitekit
  • Improved weblin Flirt
  • Internal improvements
  • Improved behaviour for Google Chrome
  • Preparation for weblin SiteFX

2.8.5 "Oknos"

  • New speech bubble design
  • New and changed social bookmarks for some languages
  • Preparation for new contact list server mechanism
  • Improved "Talk to" feature

2.8.4 "Niobe"

  • Improved speech bubble behaviour
  • New speech bubble features
  • Colored text in speech bubble
  • Missed system messages can be displayed when starting weblin
  • Message window system for locations
  • New language: Turkish

2.8.3 "Theodoros"

  • Butler becomes opaque when buttons are positioned on him
  • Improved VPI handling
  • Improved chat bubble behaviour in moderated rooms
  • Improved installation procedure after aborted deinstallation
  • Improved behaviour of Butler in rooms to which only members have access
  • Improved behaviour of Butler in password protected rooms
  • Improved weblin Flirt functions
  • Improved weblin Flirt popup information text
  • Problem of several login dialogues appearing has been solved

2.8.2 "Circe"

  • Double-clicking on "contact online" toast opens private chat
  • Butler can be hidden and clicked through
  • Butler speech bubble disappears and reappears by double-clicking butler
  • Weblin Sitekit feature: Click on visitor event
  • Weblin Sitekit feature: Enter and leave location
  • Weblin Sitekit feature: Get offset rect to determine exact size of avatar
  • Weblin Sitekit feature: Set suffix to change to lounges
  • Weblin Sitekit feature: Set flags for special behaviour
  • Weblin Sitekit feature: Get browser size from client
  • Weblin Sitekit feature: Get properties of visitor
  • Double-clicking on visitor opens chat bubble by default
  • New Firefox add-on for better weblin Sitekit support
  • Updater improvements

2.8.1 "Jamblichos"

  • New language: Chinese
  • New appearance for user interface
  • New, consistent design for program dialogues and embedded dialogs
  • New optional feature: weblin Flirt
  • Fading out of equipment also for non-animated avatars
  • Frame out weblin Lite pages while weblin is active
  • Switch weblin Lite (widget) off while weblin is active
  • weblin starts immediately on Firefox (if already active)
  • Communication between weblin and browser (weblin sitekit)
  • Interaction of avatars with webpage
  • Setting "Enter/Do not enter" is no longer saved for one single room but for a zone of rooms
  • Menu in private chat deactivated if opposite number is a weblin Lite
  • Error rectified: room messages no longer cause empty brackets (brackets removed)
  • Time until automatic absence limited
  • Option: Accept private chat only from friends
  • Option: Toast notification on private chats from non-friends
  • Private chat does not get focus on opening
  • Private chat message for counterpart on window closing
  • Reconnect automatically if messaging server denies login
  • Avoid multiple toasts with same content
  • Updater write problems under Vista remedied
  • New update procedure
  • Improved updater
  • Improved weblin Publisher
  • Improved Firefox add-on
  • Improved private chat
  • Improved speed of avatar menu when first opened
  • Support for relative delegate URLs with ./ and ../
  • Support for browsers: Maxthon, Tencend Traveler
  • Change: Default setting for all sounds is "off"

2.7.13 "Pasiphae"

  • Prepared for Firefox 3

2.7.12 "Daidalos"

  • New feature: "weblin Publisher" for easy creation of articles with optional screenshot for your blog
  • New feature: easy lite link creation tool
  • New feature: kick vote feature on selected websites
  • New feature: room actions for special room-user interactions, shown with an exclamation mark on the butler
  • New feature: chat bubble for butler to show chat room messages
  • Improved "Send website" with new screenshot edit options
  • New features are now accessible via chat command
  • Changed windows styles for trade window, inventory and other weblin features
  • When meeting other weblins, non accessible features in menu are disabled
  • Minimum length of weblin nicknames has been shortened from 4 to 3
  • The "weblin menu" option flag now works correctly

2.7.11 "Kalliope"

  • Fix "already connected" message box
  • When installing, do not create user if there is a valid account
  • Create unique client id
  • Send Accept-Language HTTP header
  • Installer requires nickname

2.7.10 "Prometheus"

  • Copy/paste in embedded browsers
  • YIGG added as service in butler

2.7.9 "Kassandra"

  • Reduction of processor load for avatar display
  • Additional option to reduce processor load
  • Improved word filter for nicknames
  • Attach photo to figure
  • New language: pl
  • Text length limit for quickchat, lounge name, lounge IDs and online status
  • Menu item to restore minimized weblins
  • Wousling of ignored users is not shown
  • Jabber support for contact list (Roster)
  • Problems with "umlauts" in toaster rectified.
  • New icons for moderator, owner and admin
  • Improved error handling for room creation
  • Delete all personal account data on de-installation (option)
  • Improved behaviour in the case of installation errors
  • Improved dialog if someone cannot be wousled
  • System messages in chat window marked with an "!" instead of an "S"
  • Speech bubble in butler for system messages
  • Improvements for trial account
  • Improved error notification if login does not succeed
  • Optimized login screen in client
  • Improved Windows Vista compatibility

2.7.8 "Santos Clausos"

  • Private chat window now has a minimum size
  • Added menu item for "wousle"
  • Private chat menu for bots and treasure chests changed
  • Position and size of "trade" window corrected
  • Automatic response from ignored weblins removed
  • Toplins on is a list of the most active weblins

2.7.7 "Kassiopeia"

  • Treasure chest looting
  • Added inventory
  • Trade items with other weblins
  • Wousle other weblins
  • Improved Windows Vista compatibility
  • Double-clicking other weblins now opens a private chat
  • Double-clicking your own weblin now opens own speech bubble
  • French version
  • Setting "Show-friend-going-offline" is now saved correctly
  • Show lounge as butler icon
  • Additional URL mapping functions installed

2.7.6 "Demeter"

  • Report abuse
  • Preparation for trading
  • Renamed "4 linked"
  • Preparation for additional URL mapping functions
  • Additional error messages for rare start-up errors
  • "Show only online contacts" option in settings dialog

2.7.5 "Poseidon"

  • Lounges
  • Japanese version
  • New icons and buttons
  • Corrected tab order in settings dialog
  • Speech bubble removed from avatar menu of the others
  • Changed widget protocol
  • Change private chat title dynamically
  • Widget in application renamed
  • If required, chat window always in foreground

2.7.4 "Odysseus"

  • Show friends*, contacts# in public chat
  • ChatWidget interface and the first game: 4 Linked
  • Customized login screen for some communities
  • Error rectified in SendLinkByMail on dual screen desktops
  • Express download and upgrade to full version
  • New languages: es, it, pt

2.7.3 "Herakles"

  • Show partial points
  • Limit nickname in chat to 20 letters
  • Release Notes
  • Fixed blacklist in private chat
  • OK button in message box

2.7.2 "Achilles"

  • Points, stars and crowns
  • Show info window after update
  • New avatars
  • Configure "enter and leave messages" in chat window
  • Microsite

2.7.1 "Andromeda"

  • Switch off speech bubble in chat window
  • Own message for "available" status
  • "Enter and leave messages" in chat window
  • Title as nickname tooltip
  • Improved system tray menu

2.7.0 "Priamos"

  • Memorise friends and weblins
  • Notification window
  • Webosition
  • Location Butler
  • Location services
  • Text filter
  • Nickname link
  • New online status symbols
  • Program settings redesigned
  • User menu in private chat