Tutorial videos

If you wish to have a look at how weblin works, you can watch one of our tutorial videos. Watch them here ...

The most important thing is to click your weblin character with the right mouse button. There you will find all the settings and features.

Firefox Add-On

If you are using a Firefox browser, you might need to download a free extension for the weblin client. This Add-on is of course free of charge. Simply download here: Download Firefox Add-On

Your profile

In your profile you can enter anything you want to reveal about yourself. Everyone who meets you can take a look at your profile. The more information you enter in your profile, the more interesting you are to like-minded people. People can see whether you have the same interests. Decide for yourself.

weblin Flirt

You are looking for weblins who are willing to flirt? Just activate your flirt feature under "my weblin/weblin Flirt" and tell us who you are and what you are looking for. With the aid of small to large hearts you can now recognize other weblins who are also on the look-out. The bigger the heart, the higher the flirt factor.

Your name

You can change your name at any time. To do this you choose the "change profile" option in the menu. Be aware that you only change your visible name by doing this - your weblin identity (which is linked to your email address) remains the same, and people will still be able to recognise you.


Here you can configure the most important settings. You will find the "Settings" in the weblin assistant.

Your weblin/Your figure/Your avatar

You can choose your weblin character or upload your own photo. Prerequisites are; 100 x 100 pixels with a maximum size of 10 KB in gif, jpg or png (PNG8) format.

Chatting with a speech bubble or a chat window

Select [speech bubble] from the menu or simply double-click your figure. You can then write in the speech bubble. Everyone who is on the same website as you can see what you have written in the speech bubble. By pressing the return key, your written message will be sent to the chat window. If you continue to write after that, the previously written text will be overwritten. In the chat window you can therefore refer back to anything you may have missed at the time or could not read quickly enough. You can open the chat window with a right-click on your avatar and then [Chat window] or by clicking the butler and activating the [Chat window] there. By double-clicking another weblin, you enter his nickname preceded by the "@" symbol in your speech bubble or chat window. For example: "Hello @Peter". Now the other user knows that you have a message for him. If someone writes a chat message for you with "@" at the beginning of your nickname, your nickname will be visible in the chat bubble in a different colour. The text in the speech bubble is visible to all users. You can also hold private conversations: please see the sections below: "interaction with others" and "private chat".

Online status

Here you can set your availability, whether you are present or away for a short or long period of time. If you wish you can explain the reason for your status in more detail.


Here you can insert prepared texts, which you slip into a chat with a simple click.

Actions - Emotions

Actions are, for example, gestures and expressions like waving, smiling or being annoyed. Only animated figures can carry out the actions visibly. They can run, wave or do a little dance.


At the bottom left in the browser window, you will find a weblin symbol, this is the butler. After you have opened the butler's menu by clicking on it, you can "Send Webpage as Email", open the settings or use one of the "Applications".


Now you can create lounges, which you can enter on every website. If you want to meet other weblins in your lounge, you can send your lounges to your friends. To do so right-click another weblin and select "send lounge". If you want to enter a lounge, click "room selection" in the butler and choose a lounge. You can create and change the lounges in "Settings" in the weblin assistant.

weblin Publisher

With the weblin Publisher you can twitter, blog or email. To get to the weblin Publisher, press the mouse button on the [Butler]. Go to [Applications] and click on [weblin Publisher]. In the opened window you can choose, which profile you want to create (twitter, blog or email). Enter all necessary data and click on [Finish]. For all the profiles that you create, you have the possibility of attaching weblin.lite to your link, if you want to send it. Furthermore, when blogging or emailing, you can make a datestamped screenshot of the website you wish to blog or send by email. You can edit this screenshot by pressing [Edit screenshot]. Press [Send] and your message will be delivered.


If you want to translate your current website, you can use the translation service in the butler.

Send Webpage

Click on the butler, then "Applications" and choose "Send webpage as email". Just enter the recipients' email addresses and, if you like, add a personal message. Your friends will receive an email with the screenshot of the webpage. This way your message looks much better.

Social bookmarks

To create personal bookmarks, you will find providers of social bookmarks under "Applications" in the butler. There, you can not only save your own bookmarks and recommend web pages, you can also look at bookmarks of other users and rate them.

Inviting Friends

weblin is much more fun when lots of people join in and you can meet people on many different websites. You can help to boost the number of weblins by inviting your friends. We spend only a minimal amount on advertising so we rely on your help. To invite your friends, right-click your figure and, when the menu opens, click on "Invite a friend"


A microsite is a "small" website. You can create a link to the external "microsite" in your character profile on the portal. The other weblins can choose and look at your microsite with a right-click on your avatar and then "Applications".


Wousling is a way of saying hello. At first, you can wousle three weblins in a row, but not the same weblin. If you have already used up your three wouslers, you will be credited with one wousler per minute up to a maximum of three. You can deactivate the wousle feature under "My weblin" -> "General" -> "Feature overview" if you do not want to use it.


With your weblin, you can now manage and trade items with other weblins. For this purpose, you have a backpack and a depot. To get to your inventory, click your weblin and then "Application" / "Inventory". Here you can manage your items. To move items around, drag an item by holding the left mouse button pressed to the box you want. To delete an item move it to the recycle bin. If you wish to delete the items for good, click "Empty recycle bin". The showcase contains the items that are visible to all other weblins on your character's profile page.


If you wish to trade items with other weblins, you can only use your backpack. If your backpack is full you can place items in your depot. You can manage 100 items in your inventory, album items not included. You also have the possibility of enlarging your inventory with special items. To trade items, right-click another weblin and choose "Applications" and then "Trade". Your trading partner must, however, accept the invitation to trade before trading can commence. Drag the items you want to trade from your backpack to the "you offer" box. Now the item in your backpack will be marked in colour. Click on "Trade" if you are pleased with the offer made by your trading partner. If you or your trading partner has already clicked on "Trade" , the respective trade box will be highlighted in colour. Trading is completed when both trade partners have clicked on "Trade".

Collector's album

A collector's album can be filled with several items. Once all the required items are in the album, the album together with all the items it contains can be transformed into another item (e.g. an item which activates a special figure). In order to add individual items to a collector's album, click the album and drag the required items from your inventory to the greyed out item n the collector's album. Items can be removed from the album again as long as it has not been transformed.

Collection figure

You can get a collection figure, for example, if you have a complete collector's album (for more info see "Collector's album"). You can select the collection figures in the "Gallery" under "my weblin". You can only select greyed out collection figures if you own a complete collector's album.

Coins, the virtual weblin currency

Coins is the virtual currency for weblin. You can use this to gain access to exclusive features which are not provided free of charge. We will be increasing the range of features so that you will be able to use the virtual currency (Coins) to buy special abilities, avatars and equipment and always find new ways of having fun with your Coins.

weblin points

You can now start collecting points. The points system is based on various activities in weblin. The points collected are shown in the form of various bronze, silver and gold symbols under each avatar's name, starting with medals. More than 10 different factors contribute to the value of your activities - depending on whether you are just standing around or whether you use the individual features. The number of points increases continually. Points won and the respective symbols are never lost even if one should be less active in between. Soon you will be able to activate exclusive avatars and much more if you have enough weblin points.

Three characters

If you wish to surf the net with different profiles without constantly having to change them, you can have three characters on "my weblin".

Topcloud: Where are other people?

Websites where other weblins have been in the last ten seconds are shown in a cloud on the weblin website under the menu item "topcloud". The larger the print, the more people are on that website. You can thus see at a glance where more is happening. If you click on a link in the Topcloud list, you will jump to that site. Then, and only then, can you see which other weblins are on that site. At present, you can meet the most people on the German Google sites or, at the weekend, on eBay.

Interaction with others

If you right-click somebody else's figure you can see the following menu

Private Chat:

If you right-click on somebody else's figure and choose the "private chat" menu option, a new window opens for you and the other person. What you write in this window can only be seen by the other person. It is private.


If you want to look at another weblin's profile, then you will see either his weblin profile or his profile on a community site of which he is a member. Sometimes these profiles are only visible to members of that community. If so, that is the wish of those weblins and we respect that. Lupus Labs, the company which has created weblin, cooperates with communities to improve the life of community members outside the community website.

Send gifts

You wish to send weblins you like a small present or a gift? No problem! Just click on another weblin from your contact list and choose a present. You can also give another weblin a present while meeting on the same website. You just have to click on the specific avatar and select "Send gift". The number of presents you can give to your friends is limited by the number of activity points you have already collected. You can check the available points in the menu on the top right. The points will be deducted from your account but the point symbols you have already acquired will of course stay next to your avatar! If you send a present you will be asked whether you wish to send it publicly, privately or anonymously. When sending a present "publicly" everybody can see who the generous well-wisher is. The option "privately" means only the recipient can see who has sent the present. When you send a present "anonymously" the recipient can't see who has sent the present. On your profile page you can see all the presents you have already received.

Report abuse

When you report a user, the weblin team is notified. The team thoroughly investigates the incident. If the report turns out to be valid the user will either be warned or his account blocked. You will not be notified as to whether your report has resulted in an account being closed. Abuse of this function can lead to your weblin account being closed. In order to report any abuse, right-click on the user you wish to report and then "Report Abuse". Now you can give the reason, describe the case and, as the case may be, send the chat history.

Contact list

Add to contact list

If you want to stay in contact with other users, you can add them to your contact list. Then you can always see when they are online and send them private messages even if they are not on the same web page as you. To manage the contact list, you have to log in on the portal, choose the character you want and click "Change" and then "Contacts".

Remember a weblin

If you wish to remember a weblin, that weblin does not have to confirm it and you cannot see his online status, but you can add a note about him. A "remembered" weblin is marked by a paper-clip and also appears under "Contacts".


Here you can see which of your friends are currently online. The icon next to the nickname shows their current online status.

= online
= absent
= absent longer
= do not disturb
= offline
= unknown
= weblin requested
= remembered weblin

How to create animated avatars

Here is a How to create animated avatars (Download PDF). If you wish to create animated avatars yourself, you should have a little experience with graphic programs.

Avatar creation kit

With the avatar creation kit you can create avatars by yourself. You can choose from different bodies and clothing. First choose a body and then the clothes. You have a choice of shoes, pants, shirts and jackets. To select a body or piece of clothing, click on it and the avatar preview will be updated. To create your avatar click "Save". When your avatar is finished, you will receive a message in your mailbox. You will find your created avatar under "my weblin" / "Avatar" / "Choose customised animation".

Ignore troublemakers

If you right-click the figure of another weblin and choose the menu option "ignore", then this figure and everything that he or she says is no longer visible to you. But, be warned: this does not mean that the other person can no longer see you. If you want to see somebody that you have previously chosen to ignore, you can make them visible again, right-click your avatar, "Contacts" and then "Edit ignored weblins".

Tray Icon

At the bottom of your screen on the right hand side you will see the so-called "tray icon", the weblin assistant. In this picture it has a yellow frame. If you right-click it, you will find more settings: the first three are clear, the rest are explained below.

Disable Change Rooms

To "hold on" to a chat room, but continue to surf in the same window, click with pressed CTRL-key on the "weblin assistant", and then "Disable change rooms". This is quite practical if you are used to working with Firefox tab browsing. To link the chat room again to the sites you are visiting, click on "Disable change rooms" again.

Stop weblin

To end weblin temporarily, click on the option of the same name in the tray icon. To re-start it, click on "start weblin".

End and deactivate weblin

To permanently end weblin click on the option "Stop weblin assistant". The assistant is then also turned off, and weblin no longer appears in the tray icon.

More features after email registration

Shortly after downloading weblin, you will be informed of the free use of more weblin features. A further download is not necessary, you simply have to expand your profile and register by email. This registration is of course also free of charge and you can then enjoy all the fun weblin provides. You can create weblins according to your own wishes, collect weblin points, receive gifts and much more. As mentioned before: registration is also free and without any obligations. You can, of course, keep your previous profile.